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The carbon constraint vector of innovation

As a showcase of low-carbon innovation, we are constantly looking for projects and products to associate with.

The carbon constraint is not an obstacle to development but an accelerator of initiatives, a technology catalyst : we all have an interest in solving the climate problem and to participate in the development of the solution is the best way to occupy an ideal position on the market.

All themes from everyday life are concerned.


Public transportation, carpooling, clean vehicles, vehicle loan.


Holiday Rentals, objects (skis, surfboards, sports equipment).

Everyday consumption

Make more environmentally friendly products, shoving habits, connected objects.

Live together

Create sustainable social link, cultural and economic initiatives.


Give a competitive advantage and make the low-carbon trendy: fashion dress, for example.

A stake of civilization

The climate action

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6 themes guide our actions and our research projects to highlight :

  • More for less : “Less a shoe material has, the more expensive it is” because the added value comes from the quality of the material and the know-how of the craftsman. Do you have high-tech projects? Tell us about it !
  • The quality in vogue : France, like other countries, can boast of hosting on its soil craftsmen and technicians who keep alive ancestral practices that give rise to high-quality products. Your projects are holders of a long tradition? Tell us about it!
  • Small is beautiful : if there is some social benefit driving in Hummer, other vehicle models as well fulfill the function assigned to them. Thus, it is not the size which is effective, regardless of the domain. You have a project revolutionizing our habits ? Tell us about it !
  • Only that : we are regularly encumbered by packaging, bottles and other containers, while rechargeable products would do just as well, and participate in the reduction of our environmental footprint.
  • Circular economy : to reduce our waste, but also extend the life of our consumer goods, we wish to highlight the participatory structures that meet this desire.
  • Sharing economy : failing to benefit from a network of public transport of a big city, sharing his car for example, can significantly reduce the externalities related to urban traffic. And this is just one example among many other tools that we seek to promote the collective practice, with the aim of creating social ties.

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