Carbon neutrality

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Carbon constraints

A unique opportunity in history

The consumer has rarely had so many tools in hand to act. The climate issue is not just the business world summits, it is within our reach.

Our generation is the first but also the last to be able to act against climate change in progress. There is no plan B because there is no planet B.

neutroclimat® has a mission to enable everyone to access lower cost new low-carbon solutions while acting to reduce emissions permits.


A borderless pollution

Carbon pollution is not attached to places. Its effects are global regardless of the starting point of CO2 emissions.

Production systems, wherever they are located, mark the carbon footprint of consumer goods and services from birth. The bulk of global GHG emissions results from physical, chemical, mechanical, electrical or thermal transformations needed to produce goods and services asked by consumers. Europe currently imports more than 700 Mt of CO2 per year, issued in the workshops of the world to make the products and services it consumes.

This pollution has no boundaries, it belongs to the world’s consumers.

Too much fossil reserves, not enough CO2 parking.

More than half of the fossil reserves can not be consumed if we want to meet the target of +2°C in 2050 (University College London).

CO2 parking still available in the atmosphere is limited to 1000 Giga tonne of CO2 equivalent (IPCC).

However, the combustion of all fossil current proven reserves would generate 3700-6000 GTeqCO2 new issues.

The real rarity is that of CO2 parking, 25 years of reserves.

Humanity has not passed from the Stone Age to the Iron Age for lack of stones

The opportunities of the constraint

The COP21 climate summit in Paris brings together 195 countries at the bedside of the planet.

But it is only a step, nothing will happen without the involvement of all.


Compulsory success

Our generation is the first but also the last to be able to act against climate change in progress. There is no plan B because there is no planet B.

€ 1 growth (GDP) currently produces nearly 4 times more GHG emissions in emerging countries than in OECD: to enable developing countries to rapidly reduce the carbon intensity of growth through the implementation of best technologies is essential.

With emissions of 0.18 kg CO2 eq per € GDP, France has one of the lowest carbon intensities in the world: attractiveness of the French territory is useful to note.

An agreement is possible in Paris but this is only the beginning, nothing will be possible without us to meet the main objective of 2°C.

The low-carbon solutions

Pleasure as motivation for a new type of consumption

Capitalizing on its strengths

France, with other countries, has an ancestral know-how inspired by the luxury sector, for the creation and marketing of high added value and durable consumer goods (design, manufacturing, artisan and industrial quality) .

How to use this quality in the mood of time, an asset for its foreign trade ? Are the solutions coming from above or from below ?




Each inhabitant of the planet can now act “voluntary” for climate and not under “regulatory constraint”. In other words, we can do good to our environment, without harming ourselves. Climatic constraints are very helpful as new opportunities for mass consumption and services companies !

Barriers to zero carbon consumption

  • Insufficient supply
  • Carbon habits and addictions
  • Scale effect: initial extra costs
  • Individual benefit not sufficiently valued


Giving birth to the post-carbon

Providing tools and innovative solutions for the consumer or the citizen, that is our mission.

Act effectively

As often, the thrust must come from the bottom. The bottom up is the way neutroclimat suggest you follow.

Governmental agreements are not enough to change our patterns of production and consumption. The agreement will required the consumer and the producer of goods and services. The stakes are enormous : to restore an international climate justice and harmonize consumption patterns and the impact on the environment.

Adaptation to climate changes needed to transition, by anticipating new consumer needs, mobility and leisure, are the opportunities that we want to promote and develop with you !


For a carbon-free economy

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