Consume differently, act globally


We often oppose growth of human welfare and climate crisis.

Who said consuming necessarily hurts the environment ? Who said companies could not ensure their development without renewing consumerist production models ?

The choices we make today are crucial for the welfare of the citizen-consumer as the producer in the future. Convergence is taking place. A new “quality in the era of time” emerges, with products and services more sustainable. Information technologies are amplifying this trend and changing the situation.

Neutroclimat® creates and disseminates innovative practices that promote this change.


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Consume differently

On the sidelines of the climate negotiations, everyone can act concretely for the emergence of a more just global growth.



At the heart of climate action, the consum’player

Too often, the citizen-consumer feels spread of possible actions, such as tied in his choice by the immobility of economic actors.

The aim of our initiatives is to give full collective meaning to the individual positive action. They allow the consum’player to opt for the best low carbon solutions while concretely acting for climate justice worldwide.

Better still, they bring a price to carbon, and everyone has the opportunity to influence it by his request.


Reduce at source, everywhere, now.

Production systems mark the carbon footprint of consumer goods and services from birth. The bulk of global GHG emissions results from physical, chemical, mechanical, electrical or thermal transformations needed to produce goods and services asked by consumers.

Some operators or production systems financiers for some under constraint, engage their social and environmental responsibility to reduce their emissions and encourage the development of low carbon solutions. They also realize emission reduction projects in emerging countries. For them, energy and ecological transition is a strategic priority.




Innovating for tomorrow 

Technologies are indispensable accelerators to the carbon transition. The convergence of digital technologies and energy technologies multiplies the effects, and offer companies development opportunities still unsuspected.

In this revolution, neutroclimat® helps companies to enhance their technological assets and to serve the new green growth.

Adaptation of industrial processes, reengineering towards new low carbon applications, technological convergence, industrial designs, innovative products : the new growth opportunities offered by the carbon constraint are still too often untapped.

Neutroclimat® experts are supporting economic actors in the strategic analysis of their expertise in the climate angle and the development of their projects in France and abroad.


Our initiatives

Neutroclimat® offers innovative practices to bring business, consumers and organizations around climate action.

The climatic purchasing power

Based on ICT, neutroclimat created and distributes the O2, the climatic purchasing power at the service of sustainable consumption.

This innovative and collaborative currency associates committed companies and consumers to not oppose purchasing power and sustainable consumption.

The O2 is a fully digital currency whose issue is systematically coupled with the destruction of pollution rights and its possible use, as well as the Euro, in a network of partners selected for the climate innovation of their products or services.

There is a fixed purchasing power parity according to 1€ = 10 O2 and a fixed amount of pollution rights sequestered pledge, according to the parity 1 O2 = 1 kgeq permit destroyed.

It aims to :

  • Destroy pollution rights
  • Give purchasing power for consumers to access the best low carbon consumption solutions
  • Favor companies that offer products or services that help reduce GHG emissions

Using O2 as payment is a concrete way to reduce CO2 emissions while sharing the effort of carbon transition.

From COP21 to COP22, neutroclimat makes available to the public the application LesOxyMore allowing everyone through the game to collect free O2.